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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Welcome to My Life - Day 6 - Animatics and Flat Floods (16/11/2011)

Well today was... interesting, at least this afternoon was. Well I started off by getting a shower this morning (something I'd like to start doing more often in addition to my evening showers.

I then went to my Animation lecture which were there wasn't a lot to do due to the fact that this week our lecturer wasn't supposed to be there but the things he had to attend to got put on hold or something so he didn't have time to prepare anything for the lecture.

In the end we decided to do some basic story board for our final project and turn them into an animatic, our tutor showed us how using Photoshop and an older edition of I-Movie since he says the latest version isn't very good for animation purposes.

Me and my group got on pretty well, we didn't manage to get the animatic finish (we plan on getting together next Tuesday to finish it) but we did manage to get the majority done such as scanning and cropping.

After that I came home and after a while went for the weekly viewing night at the Anime and Manga Society.

After that I came home and went about my usual net surfing and minecraft playing when all of a sudden I hear the sound of water, it sounded like someone was pissing against my door, sadly that wasn't the case (I kind of wish it was though). 

Basically a pipe somewhere in my flat had burst sending quite a lot of water leaking through the ceilings in various rooms, it inevitably triggered the fire alarm and the whole building was evacuated temporarily. 

Eventually some guys from the University security and a electrician came around to looks at everything, In the end only a couple of people had to be moved and despite water pouring out of my light switch (I have another luckily) I was given the all clear, just got to let it dry out for a day or so.

And that was my day it turned out somewhat more interesting then I had been anticipating although wether it was in a good or bad way is debatable, thanks for reading :). 

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