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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Welcome to My Life - Day 3 - Just another day (13/11/2011)

Well todays been the slow usual day, had a nice sleep in till about 1pm then got up and logged on my mac and surfed the net Blogger, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter mostly, I also had the occasional Minecraft session.

I bought some more deodorant today almost ran out got some Lynx: Dry, pretty good but for over £3 each not great pricing.

The main think I did today or at least the most productive was updating my blogs, I;ve been meaning to do these for a long time now so having nothing else to do today I thought "ah what the hell".

This kind of post will be the usual kind you'll see here as i dont get up to epic shit like MCM everyday sadly :(.

But hey I'm doing this for me anyway so who really cares :3.

Well thats all for now I'll try to make daily posts on this blog from here on out as well as review posts etc, thanks for reading :). 

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